Must Read Books
for Your Garden Book Shelf!

The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man

who'll get me a book I ain't read.

                                             Abraham Lincoln

Check out the great

must read books

highlighted in the past. 

I recommend only books that I have actually read and used myself!   Books highlighted may not be the most recent books, but they are books I have appreciated for my own gardening reference.  

I pass them along as options because I think they are excellent and worthy of owning! 

For Container Gardening...


Want to get much more out of your container gardens? 


These two must read books are great places to start!  Exciting, dramatic photos and simple, but powerful ideas will turn your container gardens from drab to fab!  

Paul Williams book Container Gardening is a wonderful visual feast of truly elegant container garden planting combinations.

He discusses design principles, container materials, and how to design with containers...but the real magic is in his section on Container Portraits!

His container recipe titles say it all... Sculptural Shapes, Modern Black, Shimmering Silvers, Modern Rural... each page is beautifully photographed, and includes planting details and container details.

Paul's book is one of my favorite books on Container Gardening.

There's so much more to a book than just the reading.


                                      Maurice Sendak 

Pamela Crawford shares her many years of container gardening experience in her book Easy Container Gardens (Pamela Crawford's Container Gardening, Vol.2).

What a perfect book for the perfect beginner! Or ehem...the perfectly experienced container gardener!

Advice on Seven Easy Ways to Kill Plants, Easy Recipes for Success, Watering Shortcuts, and Best Container Plants are all hard
earned, real world advice and techniques generated from Pamela Crawford's many years of plant trials. Killing 2300 plants taught her much about what to grow and how to grow it!

This absolutely gorgeous book has much more than a pretty is down and dirty, filled with incredible advice to ensure your container gardening success. Definitely a must read!