Garden Design Exposed!

Secrets For Do It Yourself Landscapers

We’ve all been led to believe that only our friendly neighborhood landscape designer has the necessary skills to design gardens, often to the tune of thousands of dollars.

But with only a few secrets, you can become your own landscape designer. You do not have to be a professional to achieve professional results. You can lose the designer and keep the great design.

Garden Design Exposed! Secrets For Do It Yourself Landscapers

Learn to love YOUR garden by learning these garden design secrets!

You will be surprised at how SIMPLE some of these “secrets” are.  I hope to help you take the mystery out of garden design by sharing with you what I have learned over the years by trial and error. 

Take a journey toward the exquisite, attractive garden you’ve always dreamed of.  Pore over these pages to learn how designers think, how they prepare, and what they do to give you a beautiful garden. 

Then go do it yourself! 

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Design Perspectives

Color Values

Color Schemes

xHome Page Rules of Composition Dreams Paid.jpg.pagespeed.ic.W XMio16D4

Rules of Composition

Visual Balance

Color and Mood

Designing Spaces

Visual Texture

Rhythm and Motion Dreamstime Rhythm and Motion Home Link

Rhythm and Motion

Spatial Organization

Garden Video Highlight: 

How to Plan a Garden

presented by BHG

I am sharing this video because I think it does a great job of quickly and simply presenting some of the major design secrets that this website is about.  It is approximately 2 minutes, 45 seconds long.


Designing Garden Features!

Garden Water Feature Dream Pd Lily Pond Home Link

Water Features

Design a Garden Focal Point Dreams Paid Home Link

Design a Focal Point

Decorative Garden Accents Dream Paid Proportion Home Link

Decorative Garden Accents

What’s YOUR Planting Zone? 

Check it out here!

Need More?  Click the Picture for more on Planting Zones.

Garden Foundations

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Types of Soil

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Soil Amendments

Landscape Grading earth works Home Link

Landscape Grading

Soil pH Orig Home Link

Soil pH

Home Soil Test Home Link

Do Your Own Home Soil Test

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Home Soil Test Kits

Popular Landscaping Tips!

Container Gardening!

Home Page garden container materials dreams pd hydrangea stone pots 2

Container Gardens

Container Gardening Dreams Pd Welcome Home Link

Staging with Container Gardening

Designing a Container Garden orig Final Pot Home Link

Designing a Container Garden

Must Read Books
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must read books dreams pd garden books

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