Small Garden Design
An Altered Outlook

Small garden design can be an exciting venture

once you've discovered the

no fail secrets.

purple garden trellis

I love small gardens.

They have a special allure that no other kind of garden seems to hold, no matter how grand. They can glow with life, hold you like a cocoon, fold over you and shelter you like welcoming arms. They can shine with bold fire that captures your gaze, demanding your attention.

I think they deserve it!

Do you feel cursed with your small garden and don't know how to work with it?

Believe me, you have a diamond in the rough, all you need is a few key ideas. With these few ideas, and a little imagination, your garden will soon be dressed in high style.

So how do you take the fear out of the garden design process when you are faced with that miniscule garden?

Let's run down a few central ideas when putting together a small garden.

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  Start with A Plan

Small Garden Design Planning

Think about how to lay out the space in your small garden design in a way that will be unique and exciting. 

Learn some secrets to creating exciting spaces!

  Create Exciting Garden Beds

Planning the Layout of Your Garden Beds

Small gardens demand exhilarating garden beds!

Turn up the heat by learning a few secrets about how to add the WOW! factor to your garden beds!

  Make It Easy!

Low Maintenance Gardening

Make your small garden design simple and easy to maintain!

Plants that demand little care add up to beauty while remaining light on maintenance!

  Go Vertical!

Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is a perfect solution when dealing with small gardens.  High rise spaces are just as valuable in the plant kingdom as they are in real estate!

 Use Bold Accents!

Decorative Garden Accents

Small gardens and bold accents go together.  I particularly love to use this technique when creating any garden!

Nothing has more impact than BOLD.

  Add Garden Structure

Add Garden Structure

Garden structure adds dimension to a small garden.

Anything from seating to storage can be designed in, and ugly can be designed out!  

  Mix In Plant Containers

Designing with Plant Containers

Plant containers with style add dimension to a small garden.  

Containers can be small, tall, big, broad, bright or retiring. They are always a great addition to your garden design.

  Incorporate a Patio Garden

Designing Patio Gardens

Patio gardens, even in the smallest of spaces, add livability to a small garden.  A well designed patio made just for sunning or for reading a favorite book looks great and feels better! 

  Highlight a Garden Water Feature

Garden Water Features

Water features are another no fail way to add dimension to your  space.

Large or small, deep or shallow, they all add a sense of permanence to your garden space, as well as the pleasant sound of water trickling. 

Now it's time to alter YOUR outlook!

Embrace the challenge of designing that small garden space, and create a beautiful jewel of a garden. These ideas should jumpstart you and help you find a solution that makes your garden stand out.

Most small gardens obviously cannot absorb all of the above ideas. Mix and match, or use just one of the above, and your small garden design is sure to shine. But remember the most important rule for small gardens:


I think simplicity is far more alluring in a small garden design than a jumble of garden plants and "stuff". Too much in a small space creates a sense of disorder. Focus on a few enticing ideas, use drifts and eddy's of similar plants, create a jumble of cottage plants, but in all things use restraint and you should soon find your small garden is a favorite hang out!

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