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Garden Inspiration and Ideas

Garden Video well presented can be a wonderful source of some incredible garden ideas.  Video presents information in a way that is unique and exciting, and presses into service new parts of our brain that help us to visualize and translate information in new ways.

As an educator, I believe that there is a dimension to the use of audio and visual stimulation that just cannot be replaced with pure text.

This is one of the major reasons I use so many photos on my site.  Pictures and garden video communicate to a different part of our brains, and as a result, enhance our learning.

If you visit my site, you know that I have recently begun highlighting videos on the home page that I think communicate important design concepts or provide unique ideas.  I'll occasionally highlight garden video that I feel highlights beautiful gardens or garden destinations. 

After these garden video highlights have been presented, this will become their new home.

Designing a Water Feature

Garden Water Features add a vibrant,

beautiful and peaceful ambiance to a garden.  

Here is a garden video that has some great little secrets

about how to make your garden water feature extra special. 

The video is about 5 minutes long, with some beautiful video of the authors garden pond at the beginning.  I hesitated to put this up, because I wasn't sure everyone would figure out there was more than some pretty pictures...but in the end, I think it is worth the viewing!  Sit back and take a few moments to learn about Garden Water Features.

Garden Destinations

Looking to travel?  Check out these lovely garden destinations!


“Did You Know This?

Today the worlds largest garden covers 72,000 acres in the DESERT!

Check out this video and plan your next vacation!

Garden Design Principles

Enjoy these garden videos that present some principles that make designing your garden a snap.  Each of these principles has a powerful affect upon your final garden design result.

Leading Lines 

The Golden Ratio 

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