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Delightful Garden Styles! Personalize Your Garden

Choosing Garden Styles

Careful planning and creative thinking have coupled in the example above to create a stylish, year round representation of a Tuscan Garden or a Spanish Hacienda.  Without considerable forethought, this beautiful arbor would have been a lost opportunity.

Learn how best to choose your garden style!

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Delightful Garden Styles - Personalize Your Landscape!

Garden Styles require careful planning to create a truly stunning and functional garden

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Landscape Trees - Stories of Trees and Gardens

Designing a Container Garden

Landscape Trees are among the most permanent additions you will make to your garden.

Many of them will live well beyond you, so deigning to select a tree for your landscape is a bold move!

Learn what to look for in Landscape Trees!

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Designing a Container Garden

Designing a Container Garden

Designing a container garden with above average beauty is a snap when you've learned how to think about the choices you make for your containers!

A few secrets can help you achieve something magical every time.

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Urban Gardening Style Guide

Urban Gardening Style Guide

Urban gardening is less a style than it is a circumstance, but we still carve out a category we call urban gardens.

The history around gardens located in urban areas is a varied and patchwork thing…the forms and purposes of gardening in the city have changed and the societal norms surrounding them have followed the times.

Check out the history, variety, and techniques that help urban gardeners succeed and design a bit of paradise in the city!

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Country Gardens Style Guide

Country Garden Style Guide

Looking for a practical but restful garden? Perhaps it's a little bit country!

What better garden style for those dog days of summer than the relaxed spirit of a country garden? This trouble-free garden style is highly adaptable and easily adjusted to meet the needs of most homeowners... even in the city this relaxed, free spirited style hits home.

Sharing the same roots, country and cottage styles have diverged until each represents a unique and separate style. There are some subtle differences however!

Check out the traditional elements that evoke the country style here.

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Garden Container Choices for Extraordinary Gardens

Cottage Garden Style Guide

Just one well chosen container can change the feel of a garden space.

Whether you begin with the container itself or begin by purchasing the plants you want to add to a container, the two must complement one another to truly sparkle. Spend some time planning how your plantings will integrate with the containers you choose, and the style quotient of your garden will rise through the roof.

See how to use your container choices to enlarge the effect of your garden designs.

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Cottage Garden Style Guide

Cottage Garden Style Guide

Cottage Garden Style is among the favorite garden styles in today's world, and for good reason! This accommodating garden style is easy to achieve and easy to maintain.

Discover how to bring cottage garden style home with you!

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Choosing Landscape Plants

Container Gardening Ideas

Landscape plants are widely available, and most of us want one of everything, don't we? We are limited somewhat by what will grow in our allotted space on the planet, but the choices are still overwhelming!

Impressive design starts with very fundamental and important practical considerations. The lay of your land, the style of your home, and the size of your plot have an important impact on your final design.

How can you choose which plants to bring into your garden, and which to leave at the garden center in spite of the fact that you love them?

Thinking this way can help you make the tough choices!

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Container Gardening - Stage a Scene

Container Gardening Ideas

Container gardening is among the most versatile and exciting tools in the gardener's design toolbox. It is fun, easy, and adds an exciting new dimension to your garden.

Discover some of the secrets!

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Formal English Gardens Style Guide!

Formal English Gardens

The roots of the Formal English Garden can actually be traced back to the early Roman times. However, Formal English Gardens as we know them today originated during the 18th Century, from about the 1740's. These gardens represented a relaxation of the formal, symmetrical, and highly ordered gardens of the French Renaissance periods.

Here is a style guide that will help you to get the look!

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Color and Mood - Design the Garden You Really Want!

Color and Mood

Color and mood entwine like two lovers at rest. One without the other is lacking its full meaning. The whole is more than it's parts. So it is with the garden, as in any design medium.

Yet how many of us actually pay attention to the nuances of color when planning our gardens? Mostly we find a plant we love...we simply must have, and we find a place to stick it in.

OK...there is nothing wrong with that...! IF you want the average garden! But you want the above average garden, right?

Check out some ideas about varying the mood of your garden design!

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Starting a Garden - Finding the Inner Muse

Starting a Garden Design

Starting a Garden Design with a solid sense of the spirit of your property paves the way for a memorable garden design.

Discover the way to view your property before ever lifting the first shovelful of dirt!

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Garden Water Feature Magic

Clay Jars used in an incredible garden water feature

The effect of a garden water feature upon a landscape is magical.

It brings a sense of place to a garden that rarely fails to capture our interest and more often than not brings a quietness to our spirit.

Here's a look at how to achieve the garden water feature that blends into your overall design and becomes a treasured asset in the garden.

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Patio Gardens - A Reflection of You!

Private Contemporary Garden

Patio gardens are a must in a small garden scene!

They allow you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a space that otherwise might lack some measure of appeal, no matter how tastefully planted.

A beautiful garden that does not work for you is a waste of money, time and effort. Spend the time early in your planning to isolate what you most want out of your patio garden and make it work for you!

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Plant Containers - Small Garden Glory!

Mexican Pottery

Plant containers and small gardens are a match made in heaven! Nothing can dress up a small garden space more than a few well chosen garden pots, and nothing in your garden is as versatile in application. Garden containers can be chosen for shape, function, color or material... Each contributes its own measure of glory to the garden.

Whatever your style, consider designing with containers as an option. You'll find your style quotient soaring!

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Decorative Garden Accents
Small Garden Design with Bold Dimensions

Clay Pots in a Garden Border

Decorative Garden accents are a valued addition to most modern gardens. Gone are the days of pottage gardens grown entirely for utility. Our modern aesthetic, even in these times of tightening our belts, demands variety and an element of mystery that are greatly advanced by the use of bold garden accents.

Accenting your garden with interesting focal points is an exhilarating endeavor that gets the creative juices flowing. Accent with manmade materials or with attractive specimen plants - either approach conveys a personal message that celebrates the soul of the tending gardener.

Decorative garden accents, used properly, will help define a space and give it a character lacking in a garden planned without considered thought toward garden decoration.

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Small Garden Design with Bold Dimensions"

Planning a Garden Border - How to Achieve the Wow Factor!

Native Clay Heads as Garden Accents

Paying attention to the elements you use when planning a garden border can pay big dividends. Rather than just collecting a cadre of gorgeous plants, think about how your planting beds work as a whole to promote those extra special touches that get noticed in a landscape. There are just a few key principles to consider as you design!

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Small Garden Designs - Adding Structure to Your Small Garden

Small Garden Design Structures

Small garden designs profit from careful planning for structural elements. These structural elements can make a huge impact when a designer takes the time to refine the base plan with a few key decisions. Look at each of these things with care and begin to infuse your garden with some unique features that set it apart.

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Planning the Garden Layout - First Steps to an Unmatched Garden Plan

Vertical Gardening

Getting the first step right when you are planning your small garden design sets a strong foundation for an exquisite garden. Check out the four things you should think about before you ever pick up a pencil!

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Vertical Gardening - Innovative Solutions for Small Gardens

Small Garden Design Planning

Vertical gardening is an often missed opportunity when dealing with small spaces. Small landscapes, in order to be most effective, need drama, versatility, and innovation. Vertical gardening solutions are perfect for most diminutive spaces.

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Small Garden Design - Alter Your Outlook!

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Small Garden Design

Do you have a small garden that you are struggling to know what to do with? Here are some great ideas to help you alter your outlook and design the perfect small garden.

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