Residential Landscape Design Preparation

I hope you are excited now! Are you ready now to create your own residential landscape design? There are some great garden ideas in your mind, right? Perhaps you even have some idea how you’ll pull them all together into your new garden design!

garden roses on a white picket fence

Well, don’t get too excited until you’ve dealt with some of the following steps which will set the stage for your exciting new residential landscape design. These preparatory steps are what help you to guarantee a truly viable garden design at the conclusion of your project. Without considering these steps first, it is highly likely that you will end up with much less than you hoped for in the end.

Someone once said, “Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart.”

Never is this more true than when dealing with a garden.

Ask the questions, and obtain the answers.

THEN you can begin to follow your heart!

Residential Landscape Design Preparation

You must have patience first to determine what you want out of the garden. You must wait to determine what your garden will support given its soil, light and water conditions! More waiting as you set plans for the garden surfaces, useable spaces and storage areas.

These, much more than the plants, are what garden design is all about. Design of a garden is not only about creating beauty! It is about creating beauty that is useful to humans, to dogs, to cats, to wildlife!

Anyone can create temporary beauty by collecting and arranging plants.

Residential Landscape Design Plants3

But plants grow, they feed, they propagate and they die. We, as humans, live in the garden. We need to plan places within the residential landscape design that are inviting and comfortable to park ourselves!

What good is a bathroom without a toilet? A kitchen without a sink? A bedroom without a bed?

Yet so many of us approach the garden in just this fashion! We ignore the garden plan, and we plant freely and voraciously, filling up the empty space with beautiful plants and objects, with nary a thought for how we will care and feed these plants.

Are they suited to the soil at the site?

Can we manage the eventual size of the plants within the space allotted for them?

Is there a comfortable spot within the garden for the human species as well as the plant species?

Residential Landscape Design Garden Seats

If we don’t take time to answer these questions, we may have “planned” a nightmare for ourselves.

We will watch plants die, wilt, or just become scraggly. We will not be able to keep up with the weeds. We’ll kick ourselves later for not planning for a place to sit comfortably in the garden in the evening, or to enjoy the sunrise outdoors in the morning.

The cost of not planning well is much too high. Fail to take time to answer the important foundational questions, and you may fail in the entire endeavor.

“He, who does not plan, plans to fail!”

So what are these magical steps that make all the difference? Most of them don’t feel much like magic! They are hard work. They require patience. They often require learning, and even more often consultation. They often even require money.

Once these most important basic questions have been carefully answered, that is the time to be free at heart! Anything goes, because everything that matters most is right within your world.

Garden Layout Dream Paid Garden Urn 2

Below we’ll begin our conversation about these keys to an interactive, healthy, and beautiful landscape. Follow the links below to discover the questions you will want to ask, and what answers you will want to obtain before you ever turn the first spadeful of soil.

Listen well, grasshopper!

Whew! Those are some subjects that strain your brain a bit, aren’t they! But these few important foundational activities will be worth every moment you wait, and every dime you spend. These are the foundations that help step up your residential landscape design. They will provide the basis for creating a garden that is breathtaking and beautiful beyond your dreams. They’ll also help your garden function magnificently for many years to come.

Be sure and follow the links above to find out more about these subjects and other relevant information about preparing to install your residential landscape design.